Card Game Snore. Rules.

Deck of cards

Deck of 36 cards is used in the game.

The rank of the cards:

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace
More over, the trump card isused in the game. It is always above any untrumped card.


This game can be played by 2 – 5 players.

It is important to know!
Online card game Snore each table has entrance limit – it is impossible to enter the table having got less money in the account. With each win, the amount of which is more than the rate at the table, a site reward of 4% of the winnings is charged.   If a player makes a penalty - the commission is not charged.

Aim of the game:

To take as many tricks as possible but not mere than it is stated by the player.

Process of the Game

It is possible to divide the card game Snore into two periods:

  • An announcing (players announce their statuses to which definite number of tricks correspond and which are needed to be taken)
  • The period of leads and tricks

An announcing stage

The game starts with paying an initial bet for the particular table to the pot.

Then dealing of the cards takes place. Each player is given 4 cards. The first person who can speak is a player sitting at the left side near the card dealer.

First of all, the player is offered to “snore”. case he agrees he is obliged to take two tricks. Otherwise the floor is given to the other player which is situated on the left hand.

Even in case the player has sum of money which is smaller than double pot he can announce himself “snoring”

In case the snoring is defined other players are offered help. In case the player agrees he becomes “the helper” and he should take 1 trick.

In case the player denies to be snoring or helper he still has a chance to take “The five” or the “The six”. Player who takes “The five” is given 5 new cards instead of the previous ones (in case “The six” respectively 6 cards are given) extra cards are dropped until 4 cards remain.

Players who take “the five” or “The six” also are helpers and should take 1 trick.

There are exists ever almore types of statuses:

  • To cheer with an ace – player can “cheer with an ace” in case he has only one trump card - an ace. If the player agrees “to cheer with an ace” he drops all the cards except an ace and adds 4 more cards out of the deck. After that one spare card (the player decides which one) is dropped and the player becomes “snoring”.
  • To miss – the player is offered “to miss” when the only trump he has is the trump 6 card. All the cards are also dropped except the trump card and 4 new are added. And the same situation as with the previous status “to cheer with ace” one card is dropped but the player becomes not “snoring” but the “helping”.
  • Helicopter – in case the player gets the trump ace and trump 6 while dealing the cards (and there are no more trump cards) the player can announce “helicopter”. In this case the player becomes snoring and other players help himno matter if they want it or not. Moreover, nobody has the right to change the cards if the “helicopter” was announced.

There is a limit on a helicopter – triple pot. For example: there are 4 players at the table, the trick is $20. 4*20*3=$240. So, if the pot is more than $240 it is impossible to announce “a helicopter” , in case the bank is less - it is possible if you have corresponding cards.

  • Pass – this status means that the player refused a game and the pot. The player is offered to be snoring firstly (if he wasn’t announced as snoring before), then “helping” and at the end he is offered to take “the five” or “the six” In case he refuses everything he doesn’t take part in a pot draw.

In case all the players refused being snoring and said “pass” in the first round the trump card is changes.
If after the third trump change the “snoring” hasn’t defined cards are dealt again.
After defining statuses,a stage of leads and tricks starts.

A stage of leads and tricks

Before the game starts in case one of the players gets 4 aces while dealing «Four Aces» is announced. It means that all the tricks are taken by this player to the pot without leads. Everybody adds to the potaccording to their statuses.

The first lead is given to the player who takes “the five” or “the six”. In case there are no such people the snoring player leads first. The following leads are done by the player who has taken the last trick.

After the first lead, everyone must put the same suit as the first player’s card. If such card is absent player can use the trump card. But if the trump card is also absent player drops card of any suit.

Interrupting cards is not necessary.
For example: a turn card - ten spades, The player has 8 spades and jack spades. You don't have to fold a jack, You can throw and eight.

The trick goes to the player whose trump was the biggest. In case of trump absence, the biggest is considered to be the player whose card corresponds to the suit of the leading card.

After distributing of 4 tricks the pot is divided among the players in proportion to the amount of got tricks.


Announcing the statuses each player is obliged to take certain number of tricks. In case he doesn’t take the number of tricks which correspond to his status he is fined and is to put corresponding sum of money to the pot:

  • The player who announces himself snoring puts double sum of money to the pot;
  • The other players (“helping”, “the five” or “the six” etc.) put the sum of money each is equal to the pot sum;
  • Players who passed refused the pot, consequently, put no money

In case the pot is zero, nothing is put.

The right of the following deal is given to the “snoring” player.

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