User agreement


Please read these terms of use carefully.

By using the Website and by accepting this agreement, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age, you agree to all terms of use on the Website and you agree to the rules for the processing of personal data.

user agreement

1. Introduction:

1.1. When you view, open an account and use of Website resources (more – «web site»), you must meet the following rules:

1.1.1.All rules that are on the page you are viewing;

1.1.2.Privacy policy;

1.1.3.Game conditions "Snore " and "Svara "

1.1.4 you are required to comply with all existing terms and conditions of the offered promotions, bonuses and various offers. Information about this is constantly updated on our Website.

1.2. All conditions described above are collectively referred to as «conditions».

1.3. Before you meet the conditions, read them carefully. If you do not agree with at least one item, do not open the account and do not use the resources of our Website. If you continue to use the Website, you agree to the terms and conditions automatically.

general conditions

2. Pages

2.1. The Website is completely owned and managed by the company.

2.2. Under the words of«we »,« our », « company » or « us», which will be used in the conditions, means, the above-mentioned page. You're signing a contract with her.

3. Change the terms of use

3.1. The company is entitled, for any reason (including commercial), to comply with new laws or regulations, or to serve its customers, at its sole discretion and at a completely different time, to modify and modify the terms of this user agreement by posting with previously modified, deleted or added items. If you continue to use our resource, you automatically agree to all changes. Except when the user agreement is published, it indicates that the changes will take effect within 30 days.

3.2. In the event that we make any changes To the terms and conditions of use, which we can inform, we will send you a special notification via SMS, E-Mail, or post on your Website.

4. Your account

4.1. The account (game balance) is virtual, and the means are displayed as a virtual in-game currency.

5. Conspiracy, fraud, fraud and criminal activity

5.1. All actions listed below cannot be performed and are considered a violation of the terms:

5.1.1. Collusion (situations where two or more players are playing each other or sharing information to gain an advantage over other players) is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to deliberately lose to another player in order to transfer Chips . Players associated with a winning separation agreement may not be at a table in the game.

5.1.2. The use of unfair advantages or fraudulent acts, as well as the use of errors and mistakes in the work of our Website, the use of automated game systems, the Bots are referred to, and the use of different error;

5.1.3. Fraudulent actions that are beneficial to you, as well as use for your own needs of stolen or unreliable credit cards or other illegal use of such cards;

5.1.4. Participate in absolutely any illegal activity, and the activity connected with legalization of funds received by the way, and the Commission of crimes, which can lead to a criminal penalty.

5.2. We will try to take all necessary measures to prevent such actions, to identify such actions and users who carry out them, and to take all necessary measures. We are not responsible for any losses you have for the participation in an agreement or other fraud. We are entitled to take all measures against such acts.

5.3. In the event that you suspect that a person has conspired, deceived or committed any other illegal activity, you should inform us by e-mail in the shortest possible time.

5.4. We may inform the relevant authorities, other online gambling providers, other Online service providers, banks, credit card companies, E-payment providers and other financial institutions that provide your information and inform you of any suspicion of illegal or improper conduct. You agree to fully support us in investigating such actions.

6. Other prohibited activities

6.1. You may not use the site to defame or offend anyone on race or gender, or in any other way to cause any harm. You may not use offensive words or images, use swearing, threaten other people (including other users), fear them, or offend you, and behave improperly towards the company's employees working on our Website.

6.2. You must not damage the site, overload the site with content by using Avalanche ROUTING («Flood ») to influence your work and apply any means that may affect the functionality of the site, such as the distribution of virus files, network « worms »,« logical bombs » or other viral programs. The direction of multiple requests, or «Spam » is strictly prohibited. You may not falsify, modify, delete or otherwise modify the information in any Form contained on the Website.

6.3. You may use the Website solely for your entertainment and may not repeat it in any Form without our consent.

6.4. You may not take any action to gain illegal access to the Website, to the servers on which you are stored, or to servers, computers or databases connected to it. You should not use an attack site such as «Denial-of-Service» (DDoS attacks) or other similar attacks. In the event of a breach of this provision, we shall have the right to disclose all facts of such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and to cooperate with them by disclosing the information to them. In case of such violation you will immediately without the possibility of using the site.

6.5. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a distributed attack such as «Denial of Service» (the DDoS attack), viruses, or other Malware, the negative effects on your computer equipment, programs, data or other materials you as a result of the use of The Website or downloading of any materials that you post on The Website or on another Website, the Links to the pages

6.6. The sale of accounts and the exchange between players is strictly prohibited.

7. Change the site

7.1. We may, at our sole discretion and at any time, modify any product that we make available through the Website itself to ensure the correct functioning of the Website.

8. IT system errors

8.1. For the case of unexpected system errors, crashes, or errors in our Software or Hardware we use, to ensure the access to the site, we promise you to take immediate measures to resolve this Problem.

8.2. We take no responsibility for it system failures caused by problems With your Hardware, which you can use to access the Website or errors in the work of your ISPs.

9. Exclusion of our responsibility

9.1. You can access our Website and use our products we offer. This point is carried out on the basis of their fear and risk. We're not responsible.

9.2. We always use our Website with the utmost care in order to comply with our Terms and conditions. We do not promise anything and do not offer products. And we also exclude all warranties relating to our Website and their products.

9.3. We assume no responsibility for bearing losses or loss of their own personal data, resulting from the loss of her reputation, or during the suspension of the activities. And all damages incurred in accordance with the terms and conditions during the use of our server.

10. Violation of the terms of use

10.1. You agree to fully reimburse us for all damages and costs and costs paid for the payment of lawyers or lawyers. This also applies to costs that can be breached due to non-compliance with the conditions.

10.2. If you violate our terms in any way, we may:

10.2.1. Notify you of your violation by using your personal information and require you to stop such actions;

10.2.2. we have the right to stop all transactions associated with your account, so that you are not entitled to use our Server;

10.2.3. we may close your personal account, temporarily with or without notice;

10.3. We have the right to block your account and password if you do not meet these conditions.

11. Intellectual property rights

11.1. On all elements of the Website Design, Text, music files, photos, and Videos, selection, compilation of the Software, source code, Software and all other materials that are part of the Website are subject to copyright rights or other proprietary rights belonging to us or by us on the basis of licenses/authorizations from third parties are used, the such rights. In the event that the Material that is on the site, it is allowed to download it on a Computer and to print it on any paper medium, is allowed only for their use, which is not commercial.< / p>

11.2. You may not use the intellectual property objects hosted on our site. For example, it could be some commodity images that belong only to us or other outsiders.

11.3. You have no right to use the names that refer to our company. Also, do not use Logos on our Service. This article applies in the event that we have not granted you direct approval on the basis of the already established terms and conditions.

12. Your personal data

12.1. In accordance with the law, we undertake to comply with all necessary requirements relating to the protection of your data when we use personal data collected by you during the use of the Website. In this context, we are very responsible for the obligations associated with the use of your credentials.

12.2. By providing us with all information that you confirm in the terms to optimize the performance of our Website and to fulfill all legal obligations.

12.3. In connection with the policy of our company, we have the right not to disclose personal data to third parties, with the exception of the data of the server employees, who are required to access your personal data in order to perform the transactions you have requested.

12.4. We store copies of possible messages that are sent to us (as well as copies of messages that are sent to us via E-Mail), to take account of the information we receive from you.

12.5. If you enter your telephone number or e-Mail address of your e-Mail when registering, you automatically agree that promotional e-Mails will be sent from our Server to that telephone number and e-Mail.

12.6. Using “cookies ” on the Website

12.6.1 to ensure that the Website works, the files "cookies" are applied to it. The “cookies ” is a text file that is immediately downloaded to your Computer when you visit our Website and to allow us to know you, when you return back to us on the Website. Information about deleting files “cookies ” and the control over them has the opportunity to get on the Website And please note that by deleting files “cookies ” or if you disable it later, you can not access certain areas of The Website or individual parts.

13. User Content

13.1 the company has the full right, but does not undertake: use Messaging on the site "Hrapoff", other similar sites, forums, through other channels, including, including monitoring, to meet all proper standards of conduct and immediately remove content that is considered offensive. “Hrapoff ”does not support content change, which is hosted by any user due to the use of "hrapoff" services. “ Hrapoff ” is not responsible for content published or reported by the user after the use of the services in "Hrapoff". The user guarantees the company and its Affiliated companies and its employees, officers, Directors, agents, representatives or content providers, any refund that is due to damage caused by the use of such content.

13.2 the user acknowledges that the information, which he hosts, including correspondence with other users in forums or personal messages, and other types of messages and publications during the use of the game “Hrapoff” messages will not be recognized as confidential and that the user is not expected that the privacy policy is applied to such messages. The user fully acknowledges and acknowledges that personal information that is publicly reported may be seen and used by other users, which may result in messages being published without the permission of another player. The company“Hrapoff ” does not assume any responsibility for information provided by the user to other players.

13.3 the user acknowledges that he has all the necessary rights to the content and content hosted by him, that such content violates the rights of third parties, that all content is accurate, no damage to a natural or legal Person to cause, and that the user guarantees to the company "Hrapoff". and its affiliates and their employees, directors, agents, content developers and content agents shall be liable for any damages arising out of the content reported by the user. If similar content contain the name, voice, or image of a Person and/or similarity with it, ensures the user that he has the full right to use the service " Hrapoff ”permission, the name, the voice and the image of a Person and/or similarity with him in the user-published content in a totally any country of the world. After you have placed content on the site or the Software "Hrapoff ”the user provides the company with" Hrapoff” ; the law, as quoted, copied, and adapted to be used to create other works based on such content, and such content display, transmit, and transfer, including the name that is specified in similar information or content with respect to the user without notice and to charge the user any kind of compensation. The company has the full right to delete content that violates the rights of others.

14. Illegal content

14.1 the user may not publish or promote this information, regardless of circumstances.

14.1.1 illegal content containing threats or insults and having obscene or sexual messages and violating the rights of third parties is inappropriate and you must not disclose this information;

14.1.2 is also an Information that supports activities outside the law. For example, it could be the use of drugs;

14.1.3 you should not use aliases or avatars that are offensive or offensive;

14.1.4 you are not allowed to spread illegal advertising that contains useless information, as well as messages that contain Spam of any kind;

14.1.5 any information that violates any patent rights, trade secrets or copyrights in any way that violates any property rights in a matter of this kind;

14.1.6 all Spyware programs that can collect data. And any content with which you collect or transmit information;

14.1.7 all types of fraud, as well as access to illegal type, Hacker or Malware type, as well as any files causing damage, destruction or Intervention in the server function or a separate part thereof, capturing control of it in connection with the Software, as well as the incessant use of the server by the user;

14.1.8 all of the content published on the service (for example, items that can be used for the game), as well as all of the areas that were activated during the hacking of files that have suffered the Hack of the Client database, or the injury of the service during the game.

15. Complaints and notices

15.1. In the event that you wish to file a complaint about the Website, you should primarily contact customer service as soon as possible.

15.2. In the event that you are involved in a dispute, you agree That your accounts are on the Server is the final proof to resolve the dispute.

15.3. If the differences between the two results, they appear on the screen with the data displayed by us on the Server, the data can be viewed on the game server as true. You acknowledge that all accounts on the Server will be the final proof to determine all the terms and conditions of your participation in such games and their results.

15.4. In order to resolve such a dispute, we have the right to do so with all the data listed in your accounts.

16. Transfer of rights and obligations

16.1.We have the full right to release the rights or obligations described in the terms and conditions, to third parties, provided that these concessions would be carried out under the same conditions that are most advantageous to you.

17. Circumstances that do not depend on our will

17.1. We cannot be responsible for not fulfilling any of the obligations described in the terms of use. For the case that the execution does not depend only of you and nothing to do with our will, as well as war or civil unrest, natural disasters, and all attacks on the Internet, which can have a bad influence, we will stop automatically all of their actions, and the deadline for the fulfillment of obligations extends over the duration of the continuation of such a case. We are committed to do everything possible to stop such a circumstance, or we promise to achieve everything we can.

18. Rejection

18.1. In the event that we do not require that a specific performance of their obligations or simply decide not to your ability to meet them, this will not operate as a waiver of certain rights and remedies will be considered, and deprived you of the compulsory fulfillment of obligations related to a particular point in time must meet.

18.2. In the event that we do not provide you with any claims relating to the non-performance of your obligations, this shall not be deemed a waiver of any claims relating to your non-performance. Our waiver of any of the terms may be deemed valid if expressed in direct Form or we have notified you in writing in the above order.

19. Independence of provisions

19.1. In the event that any provision of the terms is found to be invalid or impossible, it will be deemed to be slightly different from the other provisions to the same extent. In this case, the provision recognised as illegal will soon change according to the law to reflect our initial intentions.

20. Links

20.1. In the event that we post Links to third-party Websites, we will do so anyway only for information purposes. So if you go to a similar Website, you take responsibility. We are not responsible for the information provided on these pages.

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