Rules of the game

The rules of the game "Snore"

Card game "Snore" can divided into two stages:

  • Display (players declare their States, which correspond to a certain number of bribes);
  • Stage moves and bribes.

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The rules of the game "Svara"

At the beginning of the game, minimum stakes are made by all players. The game starts with mixing and distributing cards. Each player receives three cards. The first move is provided to the player who is links from the player who distributed the cards.

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The rules of the game "Poker Draw"

The game begins with players placing an initial bet (Ante) in the Bank for a given table. Ante (Ante) is like a “post” to get into play. All play money, all bets, are considered the Bank of the game (the pot) for which the players will fight.

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