Poker Draw Card Game

Poker Draw is one of the oldest types of Poker that is more suitable for home play than for serious tournaments. Poker Draw is not so common, because it is more "Home" game. There is another name for this game-California or California Poker. Poker Draw began, there are several variations: 2-7 Lowball, A-5 Poker Draw, it is also assumed that Draw-Poker has established such a kind of Poker as Five Card Stud (5 Card stud), Seven Card Stud (7 Card stud). The rules are extremely simple and therefore Draw-Poker is more suitable for a friendly meeting in a domestic environment than for serious tournaments. Poker is also very rare in the Online Poker area. This game is mainly played in a friendly company at the kitchen table. Many are confused that 5-Card Poker Draw is more based on luck, unlike other types of Poker, but that's not quite so. It's a game with less information.
On our Website you have the opportunity to play the card game Poker Draw Online. You can read Poker Draw rules, if you're not familiar.


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